How can I upload a photo or other file to EM-COP?

There are a couple of ways you can upload photos and other file attachments into EM-COP. Both methods require at least a read/write user role in EM-COP.

  • You can attach a file to a specific Feature, that is, a symbol, line, polygon or textbox, drawn on a map in the EM-COP Situation tab. This is good where the file, eg a photo, is directly related to the location of the Feature. You can only attach one file to a feature.   Please note that you cannot add a comment or attach a file to icons or other items that are part of a data layer.
  • You can also attach a file to an entry in the EM-COP Log tab. This is best where the file eg. an information bulletin, has broad relevance and is not tied to a specific location. You can attach up to three files to an EM-COP Log entry.

You first need to download the file from email or from Facebook, Twitter or other website onto your local device.

To attach a file to a Feature, click on the Feature to open the Feature Information pop-up box, then click the Edit button. You can add comments to the Feature and also add an Attachment. Click Browse to open the dialog box and browse to the file you downloaded. Double click the file or click Open to add the file, then click Upload to upload it to EM-COP. Finally, click Save to save the file and any comment you have added to the Feature. It's a good idea to at least add some guidance information for the file you have uploaded.

The file attachment will appear as a clickable link in the Feature Information pop-up box.

To add an attachment to the EM-COP Log, click the Add button and complete the entry details. Use the Browse button below the file attachment boxes to add a file. You can also drag and drop a file onto the attachment box, Click Save to save the entry and upload the file attachments.

The file attachment will appear as a clickable link in the Log entry.

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