Can I change the order that data layers are displayed?

EM-COP displays data layers in the order they are turned on.  When you log in, the incident layers will be turned on by default in order CFA, DELWP, MFB, DELWP Planned Burns and SES.  This means SES incidents will display over all the others, then DELWP Planned Burns, then MFB and so on.  The most recent data layer you then turn on manually will display over the top of all previous ones.

As you turn on more data layers, it becomes more likely that information in previous layers will become obscured.

However, you can do a couple of things to help.

  1. If possible, turn off the layer or layers you no longer need.
  2. Change the display order of the layers.

To change the display order, click on the Side Panel, then select the Active Data Layers tab. Select a layer and click Move Layer Up or Move Layer Down to re-arrange the display order.

This tab also remembers all the layers you have opened in the current session. If you accidentally turn off all your layers, this is a way to see and re-enable what you had previously turned on.


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