How do I create an EM-COP incident from the ESTA feed?

  1. Select the Incidents button in the top left of the landing page. 
  2. This will launch a list of incidents that already exist within EM-COP. Within this pop-up box select the 'Create Incident from Feed'. 
  3. This will launch the ESTA incidents feed (for DELWP, CFA and MFB only). In this pop-up you can create an incident by selecting the purple Create link. If someone has already created a EM-COP incident for this you will see a Join link instead. 
  4. Creating an incident will launch the Create Incident pop up with the key fields already populated. You can populate additional information 
  5. Select the create button at the bottom of the pop up. This will open the Community Notifications Room and zoom the map to a red pin  which marks the ESTA incident location as reported.
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