What is a Community Notification Room?

This is the room within an EM-COP incident where users with Public Publisher access can create community notifications. 

Each EM-COP incident created has three default rooms: Incident Map, Working Map,and Community Notification

A Room within an EM-COP incident is a map view where users establish the context for their situational awareness. Rooms facilitate collaboration between users, no matter their location or agency, and can be created for a specific theme.  

Each EM-COP Incident has Rooms where authorised users can simultaneously collaborate regarding specific aspects of the Incident. Rooms are a powerful feature of EM-COP because they allow many users from a large number of agencies/organisations to view and gain, and if authorised to do so, contribute to, ‘real time’ situational awareness of the same aspect of the Incident, thus allowing for the immediate activation of Incident. Users work together within a room without interfering or drawing over the top of work created in other rooms. An Incident can have a number of Rooms within that one Incident.

  • The Incident Map Room is the official overview of the Incident
  • The Working Map Room is where authorised users collaborate regarding all aspects of the Incident.
  • Other Rooms pertaining to specific Incident Management Functions within the common operating picture. E.g Community Notification, Logistics, Road Closure
  • Some Rooms are secured and access is limited to selected users/roles only.
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