How do I choose the locations I want to issue a notification for?

You select the locations that you want to issue a notification for within the locations tab in the community notifications workflow. 

Within the Locations section there are two tabs. You will see both tabs if your polygon encompasses fewer than forty towns or suburbs. If your polygon encompasses more than forty towns or suburbs then you will only see the Area Name tab.

A green tick will appear next to the Location section once you have completed the mandatory fields. 

Area List tab

  1. In the Area List tab there are two lists. The first list is the Towns / Suburbs within the polygon. These are automatically selected. 
  2. Users can unselect the Towns/Suburbs selected if they don't want them listed in the notification. This won't change the shape of the polygon. 
  3. The second list is of Nearby Towns / Suburbs. These are listed in order of proximity to the notification polygon. Any town or suburb within a 10km radius of the polygon will be listed in the Nearby Towns / Suburbs list. 
  4. Users can select to include nearby towns / suburbs by ticking the box next to the suburb. This will not change the shape of the polygon but will include that town / suburb in the body of the notification. 
  5. Underneath the two lists is a map of the polygon and surrounding areas. This map will display localities (towns / suburbs). You can pan across this map or zoom in / out. 

Area Name

  1. You can choose to use the Area Name tab to can describe the area that you are issuing a notification for. Below are examples of area names
    • [Area] i.e. Gippsland 
    • [Most recognizable town / suburb] and surrounding areas
    • [Landmark] and surrounding areas / towns
    • [National Park / River] and surrounding areas / towns
  1. You will be forced to enter an area name if the polygon you have drawn encompasses fewer than forty towns or suburbs. 
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