How do I create an EM-COP incident manually?

  1. Navigate to the area that you will be issuing a notification for before selecting the incidents button.  You can do this by searching a town, suburb, or landmark using the search icon.
  2. Select the Incidents button in the top left of the landing page. 
  3. This will launch a list of incidents that already exist within EM-COP. Within this pop-up box select the 'Create new Incident' button. 
  4. Creating an incident will launch the Create Incident pop up where you to enter the incident details. All fields marked with an * are mandatory. 
  5. Select the create button at the bottom of the pop up. This will open the Community Notifications Room and zoom the map to a red pin. The red pin will be located in the middle of the area that you previously navigated to. 
  6. If you don't navigate prior to creating an incident the red pin will be dropped randomly on the map and you will be zoomed to the location of the pin. You will then need to navigate to the area you want to issue a notification for. 
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