The Twitter message exceeds the character limit, what should I do?

If you have received an error message that the Twitter message exceeds the 140 character limit then you can try the following tricks so that the Twitter message publishes. 

You can still publish a warning if the Twitter message exceeds the character limit. The Twitter message will not publish however all other outputs will. You can find more information on the process you can undertake if you have to publish a warning without a Twitter message output below. 

The 140 character limit does not include the link to the warning. 

Tricks to edit the Twitter message

  • If a large number of towns / suburbs are listed choose the most pertinent or recognizable and add 'and others'. 
  • Delete any unessential words.

Process if you are unable to publish a Twitter message

If you are unable to reduce the Twitter message or don't have time then after you have published the warning you can contact the State Control Centre for assistance from the social media unit (if activated). Call (03) 9032 3600 and ask to be transferred. 

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