How do I activate sirens?

If you are issuing a warning for any hazard and a Community Alerting Siren is available in the polygon or within 2km of the polygon you will have the option to sound sirens within the Locations section of the community notification workflow. 

Community Alerting Sirens should be activated in accordance with agency business rules. The option to activate sirens will only be available at Warning (Watch&Act) level and above.  

The default setting in these notifications is 'on' for Sirens.

The siren is represented on the map as a blue siren icon. 

The publishing outputs screen will show if a notification has been successfully sent to the siren to prompt it to sound. If you want to confirm that the siren has been sounded you can run a report 15-20 minutes later to see this detail. You can find information on running this report here.

If the siren has not sounded then you will need to investigate the redundancy EAS paging system of sirens (information on this can be found in the Community Fire Refuges WI.05.67). 

You can find information on activating sirens for multiple area polygons here

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