How do I create a polygon using the area polygon tool?

The area polygon tool allows you to import polygon shapes for BoM Regions, Catchment Areas, Localities, Postcodes or SES Regions. 

  1. Select the area polygon tool on the tool bar.            
  2. This will open a pop up in which you can select the data set you want to choose your polygon from. 
  3. Check one or more polygons to create your polygon area. The polygons you have chosen will appear as a list on the bottom left of the pop up. Once you have finished selecting the polygons that you want to use choose the Submit button.                      
  4. You can search for polygons to import using the 'search area polygon field'. The options will narrow as you type.                                                         

You can't choose to import polygons from different polygon types at the same time. For example to choose a postcode and a locality you would need to go through the process of area polygon twice.

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