How do I fill in the notification sections?

The body of any notification is divided into sections. Sections are used to provide structure to the flow and priority of information.

Text box for each section

Each section has a text box in which you can type or copy and paste text into the text box. In some sections (see the image below) some of the content is already formulated as part of the template. Also part of the template are: 

  • Gray Template Parameters (grey shaded fields)
  • Green click and select fields
  • Drag and drop statements

Formatting text

You have a number of options to format text within the text box including bold, bullet points, and tools to insert and remove a hyperlink. 

Grey Template Parameters

Template Parameters (grey shaded fields) are auto-populated using the information entered in the localities and attributes sections. The [warning_next_update] field will automatically populate once you have entered this information in the Authorisation section. 

Green click and select fields

fields allow you to choose from a pre-determined list options or as a placeholder for free text.

  1. When the ‘Click & Select’ field is used as a place holder, click  and type your text in the blank field. 
  2. Click on the ‘Click & Select’ to choose your desired option from the pre-determined list provided. 
  3. Click on the blue check to confirm your choice or the X to cancel. 
  4. A green line will border the details you have selected or entered. This does not publish. 

Drag and drop statements

Drag and drop statements allow users to drag pre-determined statements into their notification from the Drag & Drop library.

  1. To drag a statement into the notification click hold your mouse on the desired statement.
  2. Drag your mouse to your desired location then release the mouse key.
  3. Once the statement is in the text box you can edit or delete the statement. 
  4. For some statements you will need to add additional information. The indicator that you need to add additional information is square brackets i.e. [location]. 
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