Which base Map should I use?


Below is a table to help you choose the most appropriate base map for your Map View.

If you want to see…then the base Map to use is…
 a clear presentation of streets in 2D  VicMap Cartographic
 real features, including major infrastructure  VicMap Satellite
 countryside and roads in 1D  VicMap Book by Spatial Vision
 countryside and roads in 1D in grey so coloured
shapes and lines you add stand out
 VicMap Book by Spatial Vision in greyscale
 urban layout and roads in 1D  Melways
 geographic areas outside Victoria  Google or Open Street Map
 topography in 3D with streets  Google Physical
 detail features in the landscape  Google Satellite
 detail features in the landscape with road names  Google Hybrid
 a comparison to the VicMap Book maps  Google Streets
 a comparison to the Google Street map  Open Street Map
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