How do I run a report in EM-COP Public Publishing?

To check if a notification has published or run a report on notifications published for an incident use the 'Community Notifications Report' feature found in the menu under Tools (button found in the top right hand corner). 

  1. Select Tools - Community Notifications Report
  2. In the pop up select the date range and hazard type you want to generate a report on.  
  3. Select the Export button to download an excel spreadsheet containing all of the published notifications for that date range and hazard type. 
  4. Open the excel spreadsheet and expand the columns (to improve readability). Using the filter tool (found under the Data tab)  to add a filter to the spreadsheet.
  5. Once you have added a filter you can easily use any of the columns to filter so that you only see the information that you want to report on. 

Note that the report will not include messages that have been drafted but not published. It does include messages that have expired. 

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