How do I format text within a notification?

There are a number of formatting options within the text box of a notification including bold, bullet points, and tools to insert and remove a hyperlink.

These tools are located in the tool bar 

Bold and Bullet points

To use bold and bullet points click on the buttons and then start typing or select the next you want to add formatting to and then select the formatting tool. To turn off bold or bullet points unselect the formatting by clicking on the button again. 

In addition to clicking the buttons you can also use any shortcuts you have set up (i.e. Ctrl + B for bold). 


  1. To insert a hyperlink select (click and drag your mouse) the text you want to hyperlink. 
  2. Click on the Add / Edit hyperlink button (chain link with a green plus). 
  3. Copy and paste the URL that you want to hyperlink to in the URL box. 
  4. In the Title field type the text you want to hyperlink to (i.e. VicRoads website) and select OK. 
  5. To remove a hyperlink select the text that is hyperlinked and select the 'Remove Hyperlink' button (broken chain link). 

Copy and Paste

When you copy and paste text into the text boxes it will strip all formatting from the original source. This ensures that the text in community notifications are consistent (and don't look like a ransom note). 

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