How do I create an EM-COP incident manually?

Firstly use the Geocode Location button to move or zoom your Map View to the spot you wish to locate the incident.  This is where the incident symbol will be placed after you create the Incident.

1.   Click the Incidents button on the top left of your screen

Click the 'Create new Incident' button (bottom right of Incident List screen)

2.   The Create Incident dialog box will now be displayed.

3.   Enter the Incident details including as much information as you can.

  • the name (without spaces)
  • a type, selected from the drop down list
  • an external reference such as Agency number (optional)
  • location from where the incident is managed
  • Agency
  • Region, selected from drop down list
  • Enter a description

NOTE:  At a minimum you must enter a name and type to create an incident.

Naming conventions exist for EM-COP Incidents and Rooms.  For more information refer to the EM-COP Concept of Operations document.

4.  Once you have entered the mandatory information, click the Create button create the Incident.  As the creator, you will automatically enter the Incident and the Incident Map Room.




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