How do I request a role change?

Most EM-COP users will use the Common Operating Picture to gain situational awareness.  A read only role is all you will need for this.

If your emergency management role at State, Regional or Incident level requires you to add content into an EM-COP incident, then you will most likely need a Read / Write role.  

To request a change to your EM-COP user role, you will need to navigate to User Account Information.  See How do I check my EM-COP user role? for details.

1.   On the User Account information screen, click the link Do you want to request a role change?

2.    On the Role Change Request screen, selected your requested role from the drop down list

3.   Once you have made your selection, click the Submit button.  A message will be displayed Your request for a role change has been submitted.

This will send an email notification to your Organisation Administrator who will assess your request.

 4.    Click Close to close the User Account Information screen.




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