Why does the Room have a banner across the top?

Some Rooms in an Incident will be Read Only or View only to some or all users.  

For example, the Community Notification room has a banner Read Only - You do not have public information permission.  This room is secured so only personnel who are accredited Warnings Officers can use this room.

The majority of users will use EM-COP for situational awareness so will have an EM-COP user role of Read only.  All Incident Rooms will have a banner Read Only - Your role is read only.  You can still what is going on - you just don't have access to add information to rooms.

Some rooms may be secured so only authorised users can add information.  An example is the Incident Map room.  In this case you will see a banner Read only - You do not have permission to write to this room.

Other rooms may be secured for operational reasons as the information may be sensitive or confidential. In this case you will see a pop up message You do not have permission to view "room name".  Do you wish to view Room permissions?  Click Yes to see who has access or No to close the message.

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