How do I create a Custom Room?

The process for creating a custom Room is pretty much the same as creating a room from the pre-determined room name list.

You need to have an EM-COP Read/Write role.

Firstly, join the Incident that relates to the room you want to create.

1.  Click on the Rooms tab

2.  Click on Create New Room - highlighted below

3.  At the bottom of the Create Room screen, you will see a field to enter a Custom Room name. This field is highlighted below.

4.  Enter a name that reflects the purpose of the room.  Make sure you don't enter any spaces.  If you have a multi-word name then Capitalise the first letter of each word - refer to the default list for examples.

5.  Press enter and your room will now be created and this will be opened as your current Map View.

The Room will now appear in the Rooms list for this incident so other users can open it and see what is happening.


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