How do I secure an existing Room to selected users?

Firstly, you will need to have open the Incident Room you wish to secure.  Make sure you are in correct Incident and Room before you start !  Look for the blue tab.

Secondly, make sure you have the permission of the appropriate Controller to secure the room.

And lastly, make sure you have two or more users to set as the Room Owner.  See What is a Room Owner? for more information.

1.  Click on Tools button

2.  Hover your mouse over Room Management and you will see another drop down list open.

3.  Click on Modify Room Permissions

 4.  A message will be displayed - refer below.  Click on Yes to continue or No to cancel modifying room permissions.

 5.  The Room Permissions screen is displayed.  Click on Add User button to display a list of Users.

 6.  Select the Organisation from the drop down list for the users you wish to add.  You can add users from multiple organisations.

7.  Selected the desired users by clicking on their name to highlight them


8.  Once you have added all the users you wish to select, click on Add Selected Users button


9.  You will be returned to the Room Permissions screen.  The screen will now displayed your selected users in the Read/Write User list.


10.  To create Room Owners, click on the user name in the Read/Write User list, use the blue arrow to move your selection across to the Room Owner column.

11.  Click the Apply button to activate room permissions.

12.  A message will be displayed - refer below.  Click OK to close.







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