How do I use Private Chat?

Private chat is where you invite another user to chat with you.  Like Public chat anything written in a private session is recorded and fully discoverable so be mindful of what you write.

A point of difference with Public chat is you do have to join an incident to use Private chat.

You can invite an individual or a number of users to chat.  See How do I invite more people to a Private Chat?

To invite an individual to a Private chat,  you will need to do the following:

1.  Click on Click for Side Panel to open the far right pane 

2.  This will open the Active Users tab.  This is a list of all of users currently logged into EM-COP.


You will see most users have a Chat icon against their name.  YOU won't have an icon against your name and if you see other users without an icon go to Why can't I see a Chat icon against an active user? for more information.

3.  Click on next to the user you want to invite to a Private chat.

4.  This will open a window on your Map View and will pop an invitation message up on the other person's Map View.


5.  Once they click Yes you see a message pop up in your Private chat window, and the person invited will see a slightly different message.


6. Enter your text into the bottom field or window then hit ENTER.

A message will appear in the chat window telling you someone has left the chat.  You leave a Private chat by simply clicking the X in the top right corner of chat window.

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