Why have the evacuation templates changed?

To ensure that consistent warnings are issued to the community regarding of the hazard the following evacuation templates have been adopted from VicSES:

  • Prepare to Evacuate
  • Evacuate Now
  • Safe to Return

These templates better reflect the evacuation life cycle by including the return of the community. The language of the template heading is simple and active language. 

What about pecuniary interest? 

Under Victorian emergency law there is no way to compel evacuation, so an evacuation can only be a recommendation. However the advice can be strongly worded and the heading does not need to say that it is a recommendation. The first line of the Evacuate Now and Prepare to Evacuate notifications will clearly state that is a recommendation. 

What if there isn't time to issue 'Prepare to Evacuate' notification? 

There won't always be time to issue a 'Prepare to Evacuate' notification and in these situations the first evacuation notification that will be issued will be 'Evacuate Now'. 

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