I can't find the area polygon I want to use

If you can't find the area polygon  you want to use to create a polygon you should turn on the relevant boundaries and check the spelling of the area polygon. 

Turn on boundaries

  1. Select the Data button found on the top right hand bar. 
  2. From the drop down choose >Boundaries
  3. Select the relevant boundary. Under Emergency Services you will find agencies boundaries (districts and regions), Victorian Emergency Management Regions (which are used for distribution lists), and ICC footprints. Under Government you will find Local Government Areas and Localities. You can find BoM regions under Weather districts. 
  4. With the relevant boundary layer turned on it is easier to work out which polygon you should be searching for. 

Check the spelling of the area polygon

The search feature for the area polygon will only find exact matches so if you have made a typo in the area polygon name you won't be able to find the polygon you are looking for. 

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