An All Clear notification is still published after the auto-unpublish time

If the auto un-publish time has passed and the notification doesn't appear to have expired then you should: 

  1. Check the VicEmergency website to see if the notification still appears on the website. 
  2. If the notification appears on the VicEmergency website still then you should check the date and time that the notification should have expired by opening the Community Notifications Report. Take a screengrab of the expiry time. 
  3. Call the WADO or EM-COP technical support to request assistance. 
  4. If the notification has unpublished on the VicEmergency website then you should exit the incident in EM-COP and then open it again. Check to see if the polygon has disappeared from the Community Notification room. The polygon can take up to a minute to disappear within the Community Notification room. 
  5. If the polygon is still present then you should take a screengrab of the polygon and call EM-COP technical support to request assistance. 
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