Public Information Dashboard

The Public Information Dashboard is a tool that lets people with Public Publisher access view all of the draft, awaiting authorisation, published and expired community notifications. 

To access the Public Information Dashboard

  1. To access the Public Information Dashboard click on the Tools drop down. 
  2. Select 'Public Information Dashboard' 
  3. The Public Information Dashboard displays community notifications grouped by incident.
  4. The information displayed includes the notification level, the towns/suburbs the notifications are issued for, the control agency, the hazard type, who authorised the message, the status and next update time. 

Filter the Public Information Dashboard

  1. Currently there are only two ways of filtering the Public Information Dashboard either by selecting to display 'Published Only' notifications or by filtering by Incident Hazard type. 
  2. Selecting 'Published Only' will display notifications that are published (not those that are draft or awaiting authorisation). 
  3. Selecting the incident hazard will let you filter by the hazard. Note that this is the hazard type of the incident, not the hazard type of the community notifications. 
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