Incorrectly published warnings

Although Warnings and Information Officers/Duty Officers should use the EM-COP Training site to practice issuing warnings on occasion a warning will be published using EM-COP Incident.

If a warning is published in EM-COP Incident (unlike in training) it will publish to VicEmergency website, app, send out an email to distribution lists, and publish to VicEmergency and Control Agency social media channels. 

If you accidentally publish a warning there are some important steps to undertake to start to 

Process if you accidentally publish a warning to EM-COP Incident: 

  1. Immediately unpublish the warning. You can find instructions on doing this here:
  2. Call the State Control Centre and ask to speak to a Team Leader or the EMVDO (after hours) to request that they follow the Work Instruction for incorrectly published warnings. 

The Team Leader (or EMVDO) will contact the relevant EMV and agency social media contacts to request that the warning be removed from both Facebook and Twitter. They will also contact the VicEmergency Hotline Manager if required. 


It is essential that you conduct training and exercises within the EM-COP Training site.

You can check you are in the training site by looking at the banner at the top of the screen. 

There are a number of publishing outputs that can't be withdrawn or deleted. These include:

  • Email notifications to emergency broadcasters, community members and EMT members.
  • The push notification on the VicEmergency app (although if a member of the community opens the notification it will say it has expired). 
  • If you chose to sound sirens. 
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