Redundancy - OSOM

One Source One Message (OSOM) is a redundancy for the fire agencies and SES over summer 2016/17.

The decision to use OSOM as a redundancy is made by the WADO, relevant agency State Duty Officer / State Agency Commander or EMV Duty Officer. OSOM will only be used as a redundancy if, due to technical issues, a warning can't be published using EM-COP. 

If OSOM is used as a redundancy it will publish to:

  • VicEmergency website
  • VicEmergency app
  • Send an email notification to distribution lists
  • Will post to some social media accounts.


  • The appearance of the warning on VicEmergency (app and website) won't be as tidy as the output from EM-COP.
  • The warning won't publish to MFB social media channels.
  • The templates available in OSOM are the old templates only and won't include some hazards/ sub-hazards.

You can find guidelines and help to use OSOM as a redundancy on the IMT Toolbox (go to OSOM – contingency). 

The redundancy process using word templates is another option. The word templates for all warning templates are available on the IMT Toolbox.

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